Find out which practical things you can do each day for that much-needed self-lovin’.

If someone had told me years earlier that the world would be forced to a “pause” like what’s happening now, I wouldn’t have believed them.

Like most people, I have been staying home for months– heck, nearing a year now! At first, what seemed like a pretty good idea of doing nothing besides Netflix and social-network bingeing, is now beginning to sound bleak.

I was self-reflecting a while ago, and I’ve come up with 8 things that I have been doing while “trapped” at home, to keep myself sane amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

1. Have a To-Do List.

What I like to call a mind-friendly activity. It does not only remind you of what’s pending; it also provides you with a structure for your day.

I do it after breakfast. It’s good to lay everything on paper and decide which ones to prioritize.

The biggest takeaway is the immediate knowledge that you’ve been productive as you see the ticked-off tasks for the day.

2. Meditate.

Yoga International defines meditation as “a precise technique for resting the mind and attaining a state of consciousness that is different from the normal waking state.”

When you meditate, you give yourself an inner vacation.

Swami Rama

Some benefits of meditation, that has been backed by science:

  • Improves the brain’s problem-solving and decision-making strategies
  • improves the overall emotional health of an individual
  • Increases attention and concentration span
  • Helps preserve the aging brain
  • Improves your ability to relate to others, thereby, improving your relationships

I’ve been meditating for 3 years now and it helped me become morea self-aware.

I was able to change the way I “speak” to myself, it helped my inner dialogue to be as loving and as kind as I could be with myself.

In turn, I found it a lot easier to give that loving-kindness to people around me. I use two meditation apps right now: Calm and Headspace, Although I find myself using Calm more, these days.

I suggest you give both a try (they have a free trial) and see which one suits you.

3. MONITOR: Sleep and Intake

Now that you have more time in your hands, there is no excuse to not get an ample amount of your Zzz’s.

I don’t think I even need to list down the Whys of getting quality and enough sleep. We all know how we get when we’re sleep deprived.

In case you wanna be sure how many hours of sleep you need:

Intake is both food and fluids you consume each day. I personally don’t “log” the food I eat, just like in a food diary.

What I am conscious about, on the other hand, is the kinds of food I buy- whether in restaurants or when I stock on my groceries at home.

To make it simpler, food is sustenance; food allows us to keep ourselves alive. Everyone wants a quality life; therefore, we should start with quality sustenance.

Also, I’ve read that by the time you feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated. (1) Our bodies run on water to survive, 60% of our body weight consists of water.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women.

If you can monitor your water/fluid intake, the better. At some point, I made use of an app called Plant Nanny. It monitors my water intake and reminds me to hydrate throughout the day.

Now, I don’t feel the need to use it anymore; I now unconsciously reach for my trusty Kerr mason jar for a glass of H20.

4. Get Moving!

Youtube offers numerous types of workout videos. For free! Some of my favorite pages are:

It depends on your personality, but the plan is to stay active! I recommend trying several exercises first, and then finally stick to one (or more!) that you like best.

I never thought I’d love running, and now I do! You’ll never know for sure, until you try.

5. Indulge, Once in a While.

Missing Souv!’s epic Greek nachos? Have your fave restaurant meals delivered once in a while. Everyone needs some break from home cooking. Sometimes, you just gotta let the pros do it for you.

Get religious on your skin care routine. Before this pandemic I would sometimes skip my weekly face mask or face and body scrub. Now, I look forward to it and oh it feels good.

6. Give back.

Being home-bound and reading this article, means that you are doing well at home. Assess your resources and what is happening around you (your neighborhood, your country) and figure out how you can extend help.

Check your local news station’s website for the list of legit organizations to donate to. Giving can take different forms such as: volunteering, chipping in some financial assistance, preparing food packs, or donating alcohols and disinfectants.

I’ve listed a few websites for your reference:

Another great way is to check on your neighbors, they may be the ones who need help. In our city, each household receives repacked goods from the government, once every two weeks. We would, instead, give our share to neighbors who need the food more than us.

7. Talk to Your Loved Ones Regularly.

Now’s the chance to finally catch up with your friends and family.

It’s one of the good things that could come out of this community quarantine. Take advantage of it! Reach out to quality people in your life. Social distancing does not mean self-isolation.

8. Gratitude.

Think of one thing that makes you feel good each day. So much of what the news bring these days are anxiety triggers and we have to consciously practice doing the opposite. These are some things I am grateful for amidst this crisis:

  • More family time
  • That we live in an era of video calls, work from home, and the Internet!
  • The Earth is healing
  • The chance to slow down
  • The chance to see the innate goodness of mankind

So, which strategies are working for you right now? Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. The tone of this has calmed me. I read so many insane takes on twitter about what’s wrong with everything, I feel like not enough is available for people to de-stress their lives and consider what really matters. This article does that.

    1. Hi Thomas! I am glad that you found this article helpful. SocIal media is getting too toxic these days. With all the negative information presented by the media, I feel it’s imperative to develop our own wellness toolkit.

      Thanks again for sharing your opinions Stay safe!

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